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Dial Freeway

When Did We Become So Different?

The Official Dial Freeway Community
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We are from Versailles, France. We love music and hope to do this forever!!!

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In Order From Left To Right: Phil (Drums), Malar (Lead Vocals + Rythm Guitar), Cricket (Lead Guitar + Backing Vocals) and Alex (Bass Guitar)

Dial Freeway formed in late 2003. Malar and Criket were both playing in punk rock bands. But their projects weren't that serious...They both quit so they could form their own band together. The deal's to play music that sounds like their ways of life.

They started to write songs only with two guitars plus the vocals. But something was still missing : drums. Dial Freeway welcomed Phil on drums and the band really started to sound louder. They first practiced in one of their friends' cellar. By that time one of their friend joined in as a bass player : Adrien.

By september 2004, the band gets kicked out of the practice place and needs to find a place to rehearse. That last thing turned out to be one of the hardest thing in the world ! In the end the practice place got to be Criket's house for a few months.

Adrien left the band by april 2005. Alex is the new bass player of the band. He started to learn the band's songs quickly so that the new line-up could soon be performing on stage.
In 2006, the band practices in studio. That's so much better 'cause the gear makes practices easier and more efficient.

Dial Freeway loves to play for big crowds. They love the kids that go to the shows and support them. The first album started to be recorded by september 2006.